About Us

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In 1989 I started celebrating my daughter’s first birthday with breakfast in bed. We opened her bedroom door and all marched in singing, laughing and starting her beautiful morning by making her feel very pampered. Each birthday and special day in her life, we continued to celebrate and honor her with breakfast in bed.

In 1991, my second daughter joined our family and we started the same tradition. By now we had a dog following us and a cat watching, all helping make beautiful memories. Soon I found my door being opened and in marched two smiling little girls balancing a flower and treating me to breakfast in bed. Mother’s Day, Sweetest Day, birthdays or just to say thank you. We could find any occasion to have a little party with breakfast in bed.

Today, 25 years later, I still get hints and requests for what might be included in their breakfast in bed. We have since extended our tradition to friends, co workers, grandparents, bosses, anyone we would like to say “welcome to your new home”, “job well done”, “take a break”, “congratulations”, “feel better”, “I miss you”, etc. Other times it can be a beautiful romantic experience to share together. It always includes a fresh flower and lots of care.

It can always be a Beautiful Morning, so call soon to pamper yourself or someone you know or love. We think it will be a breakfast to remember!